Risk of Lost, Theft, and Broken Smartphone

Usage of Smartphone

Communication (phone, mail, SNS)
Information (search, news, weather, GPS)
Travel (ticket, reservation, traffic)
Shopping (online store, auction, flea market)
Service (cloud, delivery, medical, finance)
Entertainment (music, movie, game)
Camera, Schedule, Dictionary, ID, E-money, etc.

Even house key and car key will be in your smartphone in near future. Due to usage of smartphone above, anyone wouldn’t be spent life without the smartphone as mandatory item in this world. At the same time, loss or broken smartphone has eventually high risk of not only monetary value of the smartphone itself, but also loss of opportunity while the smartphone is gone, and leak of individual information or data inside.

It takes time and cost to purchase another smartphone and install application again. In regard of one of statistics, only 70% of smartphone users use security function such as lock. Is security function able to satisfies the users at all? First of all, loss of the smartphone needs to be prevented and our concept was generated.

“Carry Smartphone Comfortably and Smartly”

Our product has slim size and appearance, function of reduce risk of loss the smartphone. This is not only just an item for EDC but also to protect your daily life.